Despite Some Grim Predictions, Edmonton Real Estate Remains Strong

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Buying a house—no matter how much money you have—is always a major investment. The past few years have seen a large and growing amount of these investments across Canada, drawing some concern. Many have feared that the bubble is bound to burst, and that we’re heading for a downturn. Of course, it’s perfectly natural for […]

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The Importance of Having Quality Listing Photos

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The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” refers to the idea that you can convey a complex idea with a single still image. For instance, someone could spend an hour telling you about a house over the phone, using descriptive words. But if you see a quality photo of that house, you’ll have […]

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Tips for First Time Homebuyers

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One of life’s biggest purchases is a house. And if you’re a first time home buyer, you’ve got some things to think about before you invest lots of time, money and energy into finding and buying a new place. First, consider the general location where you’d like to be. It should be a place where […]

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Tips for Improving Home Décor After You Move into a New House [Infographic]

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Moving into a new home can be an extremely stressful and exciting time. It not only brings excitement for new beginnings, but it also provides a fresh canvas for decorating – and for some, that’s quite intimidating. But, it doesn’t have to be. Decorating your new home can be exciting and enjoyable. While you might […]

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How To Keep Pests Out of Your New Home

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So you’ve just moved into a new home in Edmonton, Alberta. Everything is unpacked and right where you want it and the place is looking beautiful. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you see a small black dot creeping across the floor. Then another. And another, and another after that. You’ve got pests! […]

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